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Why choose the Gastite® Certified Installer training programme?

Our online Certified Installer training programme has been developed as a response to the popularity of our onsite training.

With our online programme we are able to deliver the same high-quality training whenever and wherever Gas Safe registered installers need it.

Meeting some essential aspects of ACS training, the training course is delivered in an informative and easy to understand way and installers are able to take the training at their own pace; pausing and resuming the training as required.

Topics covered include:

  • Gastite® CSST Installation standards
  • Burying Gastite® including information about burial depths
  • How to terminate a Gastite® pipe

At the end of the training programme delegates should be able to correctly terminate a Gastite® pipe, be aware of the best tools for correct installation and understand the dos and don’ts of working with Gastite® CSST.

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