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Whether it is identifying the best possible installation route for your current project or to ask a question about burying CSST, we are on hand to give you the technical help and support you need.

Gastite® CSST and fittings have been designed with the professional in mind, and as such are easy to work with. Key features and benefits include:

  • Annealed for superior flexibility
  • Robust and safe for use in all modes of construction
  • Supplied in a continuous length for ease of installation
  • Custom lengths available
  • No need for hot works
  • Use in combination with copper and steel
  • Only hand tools needed for installation
  • Suitable for direct burial (CSST only, fittings must always be accessible)

With our wide range of technical support resources, no matter where, or when, you need help you can access the right resource for you. The range of technical support solutions includes:

Explore our range of technical support today, and if you cannot find the help you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.