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A safe choice

When working with gas, safety must always come first. As an installer you will no doubt want to be reassured that the materials you install are high-performance, fit for purpose and safe in whatever mode of construction they are used.

Suitable for use with all three family gases, Gastite® can be installed in residential, commercial, industrial and retro fit projects. All Gastite® CSST meets the following standards:

  • BS EN 15266 for corrugated pipework up to DN50 with a maximum working pressure of 500mbar
  • BS 6891 for domestic installations
  • IGEM UP2 for commercial installations

Our Design & Installation Guide is a comprehensive guide to the safe installation of Gastite® CSST and fittings. We also offer training in the correct installation methods to Gas Safe registered installers.

Along with meeting the relevant standards for safe installation, Gastite® offers other safety benefits too. Gastite® CSST requires no hot works, and with no need to solder or weld a potential onsite hazard is eliminated. What’s more, Gastite® CSST is lightweight when compared to traditional piping methods such as copper, and 75 metres of DN15 weighs in at around 20kg, reducing the risk of pulls and strains when handling for installers.