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Have a question about working with Gastite®? Our customer support and technical teams are always happy to help, you can speak to a member of the team by calling 01509 508939. Alternatively, check out some of the more frequently asked questions about Gastite® products and see if they can help resolve your query…

I’m Gas Safe Registered, can I buy from you direct?
Our products are available exclusively through merchants. Ask at your local supplier for Gastite® by name or find a stockist here.

Can Gastite® CSST be buried?
Yes, it can. Gastite® CSST is suitable for both internal and external installation allowing for direct burial. The manufacturer’s instructions must be adhered to. For more information download the Design & Installation Guide.

Can Gastite® fittings be buried?
Our fittings must only be installed in an accessible and ventilated area and as such must not be buried. Find out more here.

Can Gastite® be installed within flooring screed?
Absolutely. After the piping is laid, and prior to pouring screed, the entire run of Gastite® that is to be buried must be examined visually and manually. The installer must closely inspect the jacket over the entire length to check for any damage or voids which could affect corrosion resistance.

If damage is found, it should be repaired by wrapping self-amalgamating jacket repair tape around the damage. Tape wrapping must be done using Gastite® self-bonding silicone tape.

And remember, while the CSST can be buried, Gastite® fittings must always be located in an accessible area and therefore must not be buried.

Is there a way to reduce down from a larger sized Gastite® pipe to a smaller copper one?
Yes. Our copper compression fittings allow for sizing down, for example, with our XR2 CC-DN25X22 copper compression fitting it is easy to drop from DN25 down to 22mm copper. For larger sizes, where a compatible copper compression fitting is not available, we recommend joining a male fitting on to a malleable iron reducer. This will then allow for connection between the larger and smaller pipe.

Can Gastite® CSST be used for a garden firepit?
Gastite® CSST is a great choice for firepits and gas BBQs. The CSST can be run externally from the propane cylinder and then taken underground before it meets the firepit. The polyethylene jacket has both UV and ozone resistant properties, making it safe for external use. In fact, the jacket will not weather, split or deteriorate when in contact with the elements.

Do I need a collar to seal the ducting to the plasterboard as it passes into an apartment?
We recommend that you use a fire mastic to seal around the duct where required. Where the duct enters through the ceiling, we advise that the edge just passes the ceiling line to ensure that in the event that the sleeve conveys leaking gas, it will not enter the void.

Can Gastite® be run externally, for example, up the outside of a house?
Gastite’s® polyethylene jacket is robust and able to withstand the rigours of installation. Thanks to both UV and ozone resistant properties, the jacket will not deteriorate when in contact with the elements.

Can I use your fittings with another supplier’s CSST?
Our innovative fittings have been designed to work exclusively with Gastite® CSST. Offering ease of installation, they require no special tools to install and the patented Jacket-Lock® fitting eliminates exposed steel beyond the nut. Find out more here.

Are specialist tools/equipment required to install Gastite® ?
No! In fact, Gastite® CSST can be installed with just simple hand tools such as a tubing cutter, wrench and utility knife and because the patented Jacket-Lock® fitting eliminates exposed stainless steel beyond the nut, it ensures that all cuts are neat and tidy. Check out our range of accessories here.

Can jointing paste be used to terminate a Gastite® fitting?
No, jointing paste must not be used in, or on, the interior portion of the Gastite® fitting. If you require further guidance, contact us.

Can Gastite® be used in combination with copper and steel?
It can. The male thread can be used as the connecting interface to copper or steel.

Can I use any bubble solution to check for a leak?
No. Using leak detection solutions which contain chloride compounds, often found in common soaps such as dishwashing solutions, can corrode Gastite® CSST and should not be used. When choosing a leak detection solution to use with Gastite® CSST it should have a sulphur chlorine and halogen content of less than 10ppm.

Does it matter which pipe sizing table I use?
Yes, it does – only the Gastite® sizing table should be used. You can find the sizing table on our free to download APP or within our Design & Installation Guide.

What about projects with long runs – are longer lengths available?
Yes, for large and multi-family projects, custom lengths are available, call 01509 508939 to discuss your project