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Have a question about working with Gastite®? Our customer support and technical teams are always happy to help, you can speak to a member of the team by calling 01509 508939. Alternatively, check out some of the more frequently asked questions about Gastite® products and see if they can help resolve your query…

I’m Gas Safe Registered, can I buy from you direct?
Our products are available exclusively through merchants. Ask at your local supplier for Gastite® by name or find a stockist here.

Can Gastite® CSST be buried?
Yes, it can. Gastite® CSST meets the BS 7838 standard for internal and external installation allowing for direct burial. For more information on burial depths download the Design & Installation Guide.

Can Gastite® fittings be buried?
While our CSST meets the BS 7838 standard for internal/external underground burial, our fittings must only be installed in an accessible and ventilated area and as such must not be buried. Find out more here.

Can I use your fittings with another supplier’s CSST?
Our innovative fittings have been designed to work exclusively with Gastite® CSST. Offering ease of installation, they require no special tools to install and the patented Jacket-Lock® fitting eliminates exposed steel. Find out more here.

Are specialist tools/equipment required to install Gastite® ?
No! In fact, Gastite® CSST can be installed with just simple hand tools such as a tubing cutter, wrench and utility knife and because the patented Jacket-Lock® fitting eliminates exposed stainless steel, it ensures that all cuts are neat and tidy. Check out our range of accessories here.

Can jointing paste be used to terminate a Gastite® fitting?
No, jointing paste must not be used in, or on, the interior portion of the Gastite® fitting. If you require further guidance, contact us.

Can Gastite® be used in combination with copper and steel?
It can. The male thread can be used as the connecting interface to copper or steel.

Can I use any bubble solution to check for a leak?
No. Using leak detection solutions which contain chloride compounds, often found in common soaps such as dishwashing solutions, can corrode Gastite® CSST and should not be used. When choosing a leak detection solution to use with Gastite® CSST it should have a sulphur chlorine and halogen content of less than 10ppm.

Does it matter which pipe sizing table I use?
Yes, it does – only the Gastite® sizing table should be used. You can find the sizing table on our free to download APP or within our Design & Installation Guide.

What about projects with long runs – are longer lengths available?
Yes, for large and multi-family projects, custom lengths are available, call 01509 508939 to discuss your project