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Custom lengths

As a merchant it is important to meet your customers’ needs by supplying products that not only deliver in terms of quality and performance, but that enhance their working day, making the day job that little bit easier.

Here at Gastite® we offer a wide range of CSST sizes and lengths and for those bigger projects, where standard sizes simply won’t do, we offer custom lengths.

Available for customers of our stocking branches, our custom lengths are available on the following CSST sizes:

  • DN15
  • DN20
  • DN25
  • DN32
  • DN40
  • DN50

To find out more about custom lengths and to discuss your customer’s requirements, contact us.

Did you know we offer a comprehensive sizing and design service? Our in-house team of technical specialists work with project drawings to plan and calculate the route and length of CSST required for successful installation.

Also available is our free to download APP which quickly calculates the size of CSST for the project at hand. Download the Gastite® sizing APP here.