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Gastite® P2 offers the flexibility and key features of our original CSST, with the added benefit of an integrated containment sleeve in UV resistant polyethylene.

Developed as a solution for unvented voids, the external jacket has a ridged underside, which creates space between the outer jacket and the inner pipe, allowing for gas to ventilate should it need to.

Key features of Gastite® P2

  • No need for additional sleeving when installing in unvented voids.
  • Heat annealed for flexibility.
  • Pre-marked by the metre.
  • Compatible with XR2 fittings which eliminate exposed steel beyond the nut.
  • No hot works for safer installations.
  • 75% fewer fittings, when compared to traditional piping methods, meaning a safer system with less leak potential and reduced call backs.
  • Suitable for internal and external burial in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Connect directly to the meter box and appliance.
  • Suitable for all modes of construction, including residential, commercial, new build and industrial.
  • Gastite®  P2 has been fully tested to comply with the CSST Benchmark scheme and all NHBC 2022 warranty requirements.
  • Gastite® P2 has been tested and passed by two of the UK’s leading UCAS accredited assessors and conforms to EUROCLASS reaction to fire rating B-S1 d0.

A product specific Gastite® P2 Design & Installation guide is available.

Contact us to request a copy, or find our more about Gastite® P2 here.

Check out our comprehensive range of Gastite® P2 sizes and lengths:

P2 Contractor Kit

Gastite P2 Contractor Kit Includes length of of P2 and two male fittings.

Part No.DescriptionPkg. Qty.KG (EA)
P2 -KIT-DN32-15M DN32 x 15M, 2 Male DN32 Fittings 15M 9.0
P2 -KIT-DN32-10M DN32 x 10M. 2 Male DN32 Fittings 10M 6.7
P2 -KIT-DN25-15M DN25 x 15M, 2 Male DN25 Fittings 15M 7.1
P2 -KIT-DN25-10M DN20 x 10M, 2 Male DN20 Fittings 10M 5.4
P2 -KIT-DN20-15M DN20 X 10M, 2 Male DN20 Fittings 15M 4.6
P2 -KIT-DN20-10M DN20 X 10M, 2 Male DN20 Fittings 10M 3.5

Gastite® P2™

CSST with integrated containment sleeve, compatible with XR2™ fittings.


For the supply of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to appliances.


Tubing: stainless steel 1.4306-304L 10.0
Inner sleeve: UV resistant polyethylene
Outer sleeve: ribbed, UV resistant polyethylene

Part No.DescriptionPkg. Qty.(Dia x Width)KG (EA)
P2 -DN50-45M DN50-CSST-SLEEVED 45M 80cmx65cm 59.6
P2 -DN40-75M DN40-CSST-SLEEVED 75M 80cmx65cm 66.8
P2 -DN40-45M DN40-CSST-SLEEVED 45M 65cmx69cm 39.8
P2 -DN32-90M DN32-CSST-SLEEVED 90M 65cmx69cm 61.9
P2 -DN32-75M DN32-CSST-SLEEVED 75M 65cmx69cm 52.3
P2 -DN32-45M DN32-CSST-SLEEVED 45M 65cmx69cm 33.5
P2 -DN25-90M DN25-CSST-SLEEVED 90M 65cmx69cm 46.7
P2 -DN25-75M DN25-CSST-SLEEVED 75M 65cmx69cm 38.4
P2 -DN25-45M DN25-CSST-SLEEVED 45M 55cmx55cm 25.2
P2 -DN25-30M DN25-CSST-SLEEVED 30M 55cmx55cm 18.3
P2 -DN20-75M DN20-CSST-SLEEVED 75M 55cmx55cm 29.2
P2 -DN20-30M DN20-CSST-SLEEVED 30M 50cmX33cm 12.7

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