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When it comes to choosing the right piping method for your gas installation project, you want a solution that gets the job done safely, quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

That’s where we come in.

Approved under BS EN 15266, Gastite® is a safe, economical and efficient way to install gas piping. Our CSST can be installed into a wide range of construction projects, from new build developments to commercial and industrial builds and is suitable for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

Supplied in a continuous length, Gastite® can be manoeuvred through even complex structures, and as a lighter alternative to copper piping, (75M of DN15 weighs in at around 20kg), transporting and handling around site is easier too.

Our patented  fittings have been designed with the professional in mind, and as such, you’ll find them easy and intuitive to work with. A range of fittings and sizes are available, and with our Jacket-Lock® fitting, exposed steel beyond the nut is eliminated and the self-guiding assembly ensures a perfectly even flare every time.

A key benefit, when compared to traditional piping methods, is that with Gastite® there is no need for hot works – that means no solder, no jointing and no welding. In fact, in many installations, only two fittings are needed; one at the meter and one at the appliance – speeding up installation and reducing the potential for leaks and call backs. Visit our fittings page to find out more.

When choosing the right piping method for your next gas installation project, remember, with Gastite®:

  • No hot works
  • Available in reel lengths from 30M to 90M
  • Custom lengths also available for large, complex projects
  • Contractor kits available in a range of sizes
  • Flexible and with minimal spring back, meaning when you bend Gastite® into position, it stays in position
  • A lighter choice – 75M of DN15 weighs around 20kg
  • Only a utility knife, tubing cutter and wrenches need for installation
  • Jacket-Lock® fitting eliminates exposed steel beyond the nut
  • Approved under BS EN 15266
  • Gastite® P2 has been fully tested to comply with the CSST Benchmark scheme to all NHBC 2022 warranty requirements.
  • Gastite® P2 has been tested and passed by two of the UK’s leading UCAS accredited assessors and conforms to EUROCLASS reaction to fire rating B-S1 d0.
  • Install in commercial, industrial and domestic projects

From our UK facility, we manufacture and distribute every order, ensuring installers have the products they need, when they need them.

Gastite® CSST and fittings are available only through merchants, to find your nearest Gastite® stockist, use our ‘find your nearest stockist’ map, alternatively, ask for Gastite® by name at your local merchants.