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She’s our Operations Manager and currently dealing with enquiries and processing orders from home, but when she’s not on lockdown, what exactly does Jo Day get up to?

What is your early morning routine?
It’s an early start for me so I am up by 6am to grab a quick shower and get dressed. Next it is coffee – absolutely essential to my ability to function. I’ll then apply enough concealer to hide the sleep deprivation and jump in the car for my 40 minute commute to Gastite® HQ.

What does a typical day look like?
I start work at 7.30am, where my day begins with more coffee! I’ll then spend five minutes clearing the spam emails. My first main task of the day is to arrange any orders to be processed, I’ll also answer and deal with incoming phone calls and emails, check stock levels and process all procurement orders. At some point during the day I’ll likely dive on a conference call, usually with colleagues in the States.

When do you finish work?
Well, I stop getting paid at 4pm, however being a mum to two young children means I never really stop working!

What is the best bit of your job?
The people I work with!

What do you do in the evening, any hobbies?
Does drinking wine count as a hobby? If so, I’m probably ready to turn professional.