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I am usually up by 7am and after a quick shower I get my daughter up and ready for school. If I am on the school run, I drop her off on my way to the office.

My working day begins at 8.30am and once I am at my desk I check through my emails and prioritise what needs to be done that day.

There are some set tasks which must be done each day, such as managing cashflow, so I will make sure these are dealt with and then move on to other things. I also help support the team with any system or technical issues they may have.

I deal regularly with my colleagues in the U.S. and due to the time difference will often have a Skype call with them in the afternoon.

As part of a group company I have both our own deadlines, and group ones to keep to, which can sometimes be a challenge!

While it is great to have the support from our U.S division, here in the UK we are a small, tight-knit team and one of the best parts of my job is my ability to create my own role and see the company grow.

My working day normally finishes at 5pm, though if we are undergoing an audit, or it is month-end, I am kept very busy and I can end up working into the evening or even an occasional Saturday.

Usually though I am home in time to help cook dinner and after we’ve eaten together, my wife and I will help our daughter with any homework she has before bath and bed. Once she’s down for the night we get the chance to unwind with a bit of TV before bed.