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Player stats


Production & Pressure Test Operator

First signed:

April 2018

Match highlights:

“A real highlight for me has to be achieving the in-house coiling record! I coiled 23,347ft (4.4 miles) over an eight-hour period!”


“My goals are to continue to progress within the company and to help to grow the Gastite® brand. I’d also like to explore my options in further widening my ability, knowledge and experiences, including taking on more responsibility.”

Player profile:

Cameron works on maintaining and repairing the production line and has taken ownership of controlling label stock, caps and seals. Along with the rest of the team, he also picks, packs and quality checks all orders.

When not on the pitch, Cameron can often be found...

“When I’m not setting coiling records, I can be found at the gym and spending time with family and friends.”

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