September 2015

Gastite has launched a range of flexible sleeving reels to assist in the compliance of gas pipework installation standards where pipework passes through unvented voids.
Gas installers can be assured that when using the sleeving with Gastite CSST flexible pipe through unvented voids they are ensuring the safest method of installation for their client and themselves.
The sleeving can also be used for direct burial internally and externally for the elimination of corrosive threats associated with metallic piping.

Available in 50m continuous lengths and two diameters up to DN40. The sleeving is marked GAS and metre marked for ease of installation every metre.

The sleeving is an important accessory addition to our product offering. This will allow the installer to buy everything he needs for a safer, cleaner and quicker gas installation from one manufacturer.

For more information call 01509 508939 or e-mail